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Kai Craig, Sam Jenniches, Patrick Johnston, and Joshua Lee (2009)

Re-imagining Access ARCS of Experience for the Santa Clara River

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California State Polytechnic University, Pomona; Department of Landscape Architecture, .


The Santa Clara River Parkway provides an unparalleled opportunity to explore emerging technologies and the impacts they may have on developing stewardship and educational content within the construct of a parkway project. The river creates the opportunity to reveal the history of California, from pre-European settlement through the California Mission era to modern day. Because the Santa Clara River has retained the majority of its natural fluvial processes, it is also an excellent laboratory for the study of California ecology, hydrology and geology. Together, these qualities provide the opportunity both to create learning experiences and to encourage stewardship.

The broad array of issues present within the Santa Clara River Parkway project provides an excellent opportunity for the development of programs that could be applied to park systems around the state and country.

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The goal of this comprehensive vision plan for Public Access, Education and Stewardship is to create public access that balances the desire for increased environmental education and stewardship of its users, the requirements of current land use, and the critical needs of ecosystem function. The vision plan will identify opportunities to integrate emergent technologies into a process of recording, creating and disseminating socio-cultural content as it pertains to the Santa Clara River Parkway. The resulting vision plan could become a model for similar river systems intending to preserve or restore natural hydrologic function, with its educational and stewardship components exportable to any system that involves preservation or restoration.


The objectives of this vision plan are three-fold:
1) Identify and develop opportunities to connect relevant socio-cultural content to the Parkway project
2) Develop appropriate frameworks for the creation of public access types, physical and virtual, that respond to the dynamic conditions of the river
3) Identify opportunities to integrate emergent technologies into a framework that enables users to participate in the creation, recording and
dissemination of the evolving stories of the Santa Clara River

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