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Santa Clara River conservation partners

GroupThere are many organizations dedicated to conserving and restoring the natural resources of the Santa Clara River watershed.

Watersheds Coalition of Ventura County
The coalition is comprised of a consortium of local cities, wholesale and retail water agencies, special districts, the County of Ventura, and non-governmental agencies interested in promoting and implementing integrated regional water management planning efforts in Ventura County.
Santa Clara River Watershed Committee (SCRWC)
SCRWC was formed in July 2006 as a coalition of stakeholders addressing issues critical to the watershed. The SCRWC is engaged in a variety of local planning efforts including development and implementation of an integrated regional water management plan (IRWMP), implementation of integrated projects identified in the IRWMP with Prop. 50 funds, and development of future project ideas to address the objectives developed by the Committee. Meetings are typically held on the fourth Thursday of every month at 9:00 a.m.
Santa Clara River Green Group
The SCR Green Group is organized by The Nature Conservancy and meets informally to discuss conservation topics and projects on the Santa Clara River. Contact Lily Verdone about upcoming meeting agendas and dates.
Santa Clara River Invasive Weed Task Force
The SCRIWTF is a group of stakeholders from government agencies, non-profit organizations, agricultural interests, environmental consultants, landowners, local academic institutions, and others, working together to restore the Santa Clara River by managing invasive weeds in the watershed. They represent members from both the upper and lower watersheds, and both the Los Angeles and Ventura County Weed Management Areas. They meet approximately quarterly, usually alternating between the Santa Clarita and Fillmore areas.
Ventura County Weed Management Area
The VCWMA is a group of individuals, Federal, State, and County public agencies, special districts, municipalities, environmental coalitions, agricultural concerns, and others who have banded together to fight the spread of invasive and noxious weeds in Ventura County. The VCWMA’s activities focus upon the exclusion, detection, eradication, and suppression of priority noxious and invasive weeds using an integrated approach. They meet periodically in the Ventura area.
Los Angeles County Weed Management Area
The LA County WMA brings together local landowners, managers, and stewards to coordinate efforts and expertise against invasive plant species. They meet on a quarterly basis.
Friends of the Santa Clara River
FOSCR is a non-profit, public interest organization dedicated to the protection, enhancement and management of the resources of the Santa Clara River. FSCR is currently working on a major habitat restoration project at their Hedrick Ranch Nature Area and conducts a volunteer water quality monitoring program.
Keep Sespe Wild Committee
KSWC is a non-profit watershed conservation organization dedicated to preserving Sespe Creek, one of Southern California's last free-flowing rivers, and a major tributary to the Santa Clara River. KSWC works to fight National Forest access fees to undeveloped areas.
The Nature Conservancy LA-Ventura Project
The purpose of TNC’s LA-Ventura Project is to protect and restore the Santa Clara River and its tributaries, restore the wetlands at Ormond Beach, and secure wildlife corridors.
Santa Clara River Trustee Council
The Trustee Council was established to allocate funds from a settlement related to 1994 oil spill along the river and is made up of representatives from California Department of Fish and Game and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The Trustee Council funds a variety of activities related to the conservation and restoration of the lower Santa Clara River watershed, such as land purchase, steelhead and riparian bird surveys, riparian vegetation mapping, arundo control research, conservation easement prioritization, and programmatic permit development for arundo treatment. Contact Denise Steurer or Dan Blankenship for more information.
California Trout
CalTrout is working in the Santa Clara River to remove impediments to Southern California steelhead in the region’s coastal rivers and ensure adequate flows for growing populations.
Ventura Coastkeeper
The Ventura Coastkeeper works to protect, preserve, and restore the ecological integrity and water quality of Ventura County's inland waterbodies, coastal waters, and watersheds.

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