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William L. Graf (1988)

Fluvial Processes in Dryland Rivers

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Blackburn Press, P.O. Box 287, Caldwell, New Jersey 07006.


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Almost a decade and a half have passed since the initial publication of Fluvial Processes in Dryland Rivers. The book was and is foundational, in synthesizing river processes and forms in drylands – the semiarid, arid and extremely arid portions of the earth’s surface. It describes the present understanding of dryland rivers, using a theoretical framework with examples and results of research from many areas of the world. The most important feature of the book is that it presents the first organized review of knowledge about dryland rivers. Information on practical management and planning is also included. The book is unique in that it stresses the philosophical and methodological aspects of geomorphologic research, rather than merely reporting results. Scientists use the book as a review of the literature and as a review of the intellectual development of the field. Planners and decision makers in dryland regions use the book as an entry to the science of geomorphology as applied to dryland environments.

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